Monday, April 6, 2009

Yanki Naidu bava

Yanki and Naidu bava are two simple characters created by Namduri Subbarao. Not sure that the two are lovers or married couple but their love is truly magical. They express their love for each other through song. The saga of their love is pure, natural and heartwarming. These songs with which Naidubava praises his Yanki and her beauty in a most loving and caring manner that it fills our heart with sweet emotions of innocent love shared between a village girl and her dear lover. Yanki while performing her duties as a wife and flirting off like a lover sings with nothing else but utmost love for her spouse. Every man wishes for a humble, devoted and that slightly mischevious Yanki, while every lady wants a devoted, caring and loving husband.

The songs are written in a day to day manner, keeping in mind the little spats they face and the way they resolve them. The language used is typical village slang, which is why it gets more popularity from the commoners as well as the educated for its simplicity and sweetness.

Nanduri subbarao captures the sweet innocence of a typical village couple and present to us in a fashion which appels to classes as well as the masses alike. The words used may not be complicated but are a mirror of one's innermost emotions, they reflect the love for each other. The songs take us to a pleasant village senario with lushes green paddy fields, dotted with people working and the escapades of a couple flirting away with eachother. This setting is perfect for the couple as it defines who they are, a young innocent couple with not a care in the world except for each other.

No matter what his Yanki does Naidu bava is impressed. He praises her for sneeking a peek at him while he leaves for work or the way she shines in the moonlight. He pleads her to come back when she is not around and orders not to leave his sight. He is in Love and it shows
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