Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movies now-a-days

What is the point of watching telugu movies anymore, such a waste of time and money.
I have stopped watching movies long time back... I wish I could say that but now and then I watch some stupid movie just to give my family and friends some company, and I regret my choice every time for I find more wrongs in them than any things else. Why does a person watch movies, I remember once writing an essay on movies when I was a kid ... Movies offer entertainment and a relief from our routine lives and responsibilities. They offer information of the world around and help us understand emotions. They give us knowledge while offering amusement... wow did I really write that because movies now-a-days doesn't have any of those. They make movies purely for entertainment purpose and not even a bit of it could be considered real. I don't know about you but the violence in movies now-a-days is so visually gruesome that anyone who considers that entertainment or fun is suffering with serious mental illness. To consider them informative would be like trying to teach people look this is how you could do it.

There are two kinds of movies one for the students and the other for the masses. Movies where children make fun of everyone respectful, parents, teachers and elders, call them names and make it sound like fun are for those impressionable students who think if 'Hero' does it then that must be something good right 'cause at the end a 'Hero' is the good guy right. So they find nothing wrong in calling their parents and teachers with nicknames, after all that's what heroes do. Do you agree? Then let me tell you ... what can I tell you you agree with all this... you must be a student or a movie producer. (they only think about money you know). These movies teach students
1. To make fun of people is the only way to be popular
2. To tease and make fun of girls is the only way to attract them (by the way if the villain does it its baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, but if the hero does it it's ooookay, Now who decides who the hero is and who the villain is. ask them to dance who dances best is the hero and the other one is the villain, because there is no other difference between them really)
3. Not to learn anything, we are coming to college just to have fun and 'fall in love'. Any way if you are cunning enough you could cheat other people of of their hard earned money right.
4. The girl's parents are always the villains 'cause they do not want their girl to marry an idiot(with no formal education that's what u will become), a cheat('cause that's how you will be earning with out a good degree, if you earn anything), a lier ( who is to say now-a-days when even heroes are lying, you can never be safe) etc.
5. And girls, My God! I have to say girls, because they most definitely are not heroins they are nothing but props for some guy to fall in love, dress pretty, do nothing and dance when asked to.
I thought we were entering a new age where girls are liberated, but these movies show girls to be slaves, yes slaves to vanity. Use your head girls, not not your hair to stump boys because there comes another girl with much prettier hair than yours then where would be.

Have some dignity girls I need to write a separate blog about saving the dignity of girls everywhere 'cause this is not going to fit here.

6. A fight is the only solution. (no wonder students are destroying public property)

And the movie for the masses well they would believe anything almost anything if they have an item song and a few killings and dialogs like 'kanti cheeputoa champaestaa' like it is humanly possible.
Last time a watched a movie where the hero is upset because the film industry is hit hard, piracy is ruining the life of film producers, well all those who make movies like these deserve to be ruined, after all you are the one's who have robbed morality in people's minds. These movies have no morals, they do not differentiate between right and wrong, the mix the two up so much that anyone could draw their own conclusion now can you really blame someone who thinks instead of paying Rs.50 each for everyone in the family to watch violence, vulgarity and really loud noises(cannot bring myself to say music) it is quiet right to pay 30-40 for a DVD which offers 3 movies which the whole family could um....... watch or forward anytime we dislike something. I am not saying that is right, but you are producing films that make quiet an impression on people, so make something good or ultimately you too will suffer.

Movies should have good clean fun, there were times when a doctor, an engineer, an IAS or someone like that is a hero. Show that and make a better future. I won't say movies are the real evil 'cause only people can decide which is right for them, but can surely help them make a good decision by showing what is right and not what they want to see.