Friday, October 2, 2009

Gandhi - A great soul

Gandhi created a peaceful nation, we can hardly keep peace in our own family, but he made a country of suffering and downtrodden people, be patient and non-violent. who can do that? He had influenced the lives of so many people in a way no one can. People's actions can be controlled by sheer authority, but to have influence on their mind is a feet in itself. It is one thing to ask people not to be violent and it is another to create a sense of security in them that they themselves act in patience even in dire circumstances. Gandhi was not everywhere at the same time but his presence was felt. His words were in every one's heart urging them to be peaceful in their endeavors, he asked them to urge for freedom but never abuse the little they had by violence. He was never a politician he was a man of action. He never wanted authority to influence people. "Where ever there is injustice it should be fought, but not in a way that would disturb the peace" he said. Most have considered it to be impossible, but he was the one who showed the way of doing it, proving that his were no empty words. The words 'Satyagraham' and 'Nirahardiksha' could only be a political stunt now-a-days but they meant something back then. People were true to there word and died trying that way, because they believed in the cause and the path shown for them by Gandhi. He dressed the way a common man did because he wanted to be one of them, and he wanted the people to feel the same about him, he wanted them to accept him as their own and share their problems as they share them with each other.

When he was asked to leave Bihar, he did not leave because he felt that no one can deny him from going anywhere in his own country. He gained the attention of the poor, the rich, the educated and the illiterate, and people of all religions. A single man moved across the dirty roads of India with nothing but a stick had shook the roots of the British government and challenged their rule in this country. Being an advocate he knew, every legal move that the government could not compel them into doing. He wanted to change the point-of-view of the British, he wanted to see the people of India not as their slaves or servants but as intellectually equals. He proposed the 'Non-Cooperation Movement', suggesting to spend the time fasting and meditating. It was not religious but it was Nationalistic. His imprisonment had created violent behavior among his followers, but Gandhi used the same principles he used against the government, over his own people who took the path of violence for him. It was the respect for him, and nothing else that made a lot of people quit violence. The incident of Jalianwalabagh was the single most horrific incident that shook the entire nation, and held it in a grip of utter hatred for the British. The carnage that took place here would drive even the saints to vow vengeance. Even the British were utter horrified by this incident. Gandhi commanded that the British should leave the nation, which was when the British used the card they always did, divide-and-rule. They have started the war between the Hindus and Muslims which would allow an internal war among our leaders which might gain them some more time in India. But the days of British rule in India were numbered. Gandhi was not going to give in that easily, and he certainly would not allow his country to be divided. He pleaded for religious tolerance, he wanted every Indian to be on the same side and stop differentiating among each other. He preached that violence in not the way to grab attention, but it was our determination that would grab the attention of the British. He then suggested the 'Swadesi Movement' which would decrease the cost of living for the average Indian. "An-eye-for-an-eye is the way the world will end" Gandhi admitted, when violence erupted in Bengal. When British police were killed by an angry mob in Bengal and the violence that followed could not be controlled he took to fasting and refused to eat anything until everyone in Bengal stopped fighting. He stood by his principles that only Love and Truth were the ultimate reality. Whenever we are in doubt as to which path to take they should always stick to truth and love and they will never be wrong. To oppose injustice is every human right and British rule over India is an injustice that he could not tolerate.

Gandhi was not born great, he achieved greatness by walking through India and walking straight into every one's heart. Where ever he went thousands of people followed him. When he walked across the country to make salt, objecting the taxing of something as basic as salt. 'Salt Satyagraha' was started on the anniversary of Jalianwalabagh incident. He kept challenging the British government at every chance. The British government tried to imprison all his followers, the jails ran full but the people kept pouring in. When the British government could not provoke violence among the people, they tried to imprison Gandhi himself. The people of endured every punishment they received for supporting Gandhi without resistance, this forced the world see how shameful were the actions of the British government. Gandhi was the only representative from India to speak in the round table conference in London. When Britain was in the brink of war, he did not see it fit to think of taking advantage of the situation, he considered it backstabbing. After all said and done he always wanted to part with the British as friends. He was always worried about the increasing unrest between the Hindus and Muslims. He always suggested to take pride in one's profession. He always opposed the two slavery that plagued the Indians, slavery of women and slavery of the untouchables. Mohammad Ali Jinnah request for a free nation for the Muslims tore his heart. Jinnah feared the rule of Hindus over Muslims, but India has never been that Nation, not then not now. When Gandhi agreed for the partition of India it was not because he feared that such differentiation would happen, but because he did not want Muslims to feel that they were being ruled. Freedom should mean to be freedom of mind. He even suggested that Hindus would step down from any government positions,but that created quiet unrest from the people, they thought he was bending over backwards to accommodate Jinnah. When the time came for him to choose between two independent nations or an independent nation with constant civil unrest, the choice was obvious. He did not want his brothers to be constantly in conflict with each other. He assured that there will not be any difference among the people of India, but if anyone felt they have to leave, they could. But he could hardly have predicted the bloody exodus of people that followed. Hindus in Pakistan were forced to leave their houses and land, while Muslims in India feared the angry mobs of Hindus. Gandhi once again took to fasting until the unrest was settled. Even though his body was strong enough, he was not ready to see his principles die. This took quiet a toll on his health which was deteriorating every minute. He was shot dead while leaving for his daily prayer. A tragic end to a great life. His life has always been an open book. All he ever wanted was a peaceful nation.
We could only hope that his dreams would one day come true...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is a legendary mountain of the hindus, around which their whole universe exists. Hence mount Meru is the center of Hindu Universe. The shape of Meru, according to this description, is that of an inverted cone; and by the comparison to the seed-cup its form should be circular: but there seems to be some uncertainty upon this subject amongst the Pauráńics. The Padma compares its form to the bell-shaped flower of the Dhatura. The Váyu represents it as having four sides of different colours; or, white on the east, yellow on the south, black on the west, and red on the north; but notices also various opinions of the outline of the mountain, which, according to Atri, had a hundred angles; to Bhrigu, a thousand: Sávarni calls it octangular; Bháguri, quadrangular; and Varsháyani says it has a thousand angles: Gálava makes it saucer-shaped; Garga, twisted, like braided hair; and others maintain that it is circular. The Linga makes its eastern face of the colour of the ruby; its southern, that of the lotus; its western, golden; and its northern, coral. The Matsya has the same colours as the Váyu, and both contain this line: 'Four-coloured, golden, four-cornered lofty:' but the Váyu compares its summit, in one place, to a saucer; and observes that its circumference must be thrice its diameter. The Matsya also, rather incompatibly, says the measurement is that of a circular form, but it is considered quadrangular. According to the Buddhists of Ceylon, Meru is said to be of the same diameter throughout. Those of Nepal conceive it to be shaped like a drum. A translation of the description of Meru and its surrounding mountains, contained in the Brahmáńda, which is the same exactly as that in the Váyu. There are some differences in Col. Wilford's version would authorize, but they are not in general of much importance.

Many legends are attested to this great mountain which provides the lands around it, with water from its three great rivers.

Legends say that Mount Meru and the wind god Vayu were good friends. However, the sage Narada approached Vayu and incited him to humble the mountain. Vayu blew with full force for one full year, but Meru was shielded by Garuda with his wings (he was flying high). However, after a year Garuda took respite for some time. Thus theapex of the mountain was broken and it fell into the sea and created the island of Sri Lanka.
'Vishnu Puranam' suggests that if the world is like a lotus flower then the mountain meru is the that protrudes from the center of the flower
Another legend well-known to this day in India, is regarding the daily circumambulation of the sun around mount Meru,and involves the sage Agastya. The legend goes thus:
The Vindhya mountains that separate north and south India from each other once showed a tendency to grow so high as to obstruct the usual trajectory of the sun. This was accompanied by increasing vanity on the part of that mountain range, which demanded that Surya, the sun-God, circumambulate the Vindhya mountains daily, just as he does Mount Meru. The need arose to subdue, by guile, the Vindhyas, and Agastya was chosen to do that.
Agastya journeyed from north to south, and on the way encountered the now impassable Vindhya mountains. He asked the mountain range to facilitate his passage across to the south. In reverence for so eminent a sage as Agastya, the Vindhya mountains bent low enough to enable the sage and his family to cross over and enter south India. The Vindhya range also promised not to increase in height until Agastya and his family returned to the north. Agastya settled permanently in the south, and the Vindhya range, true to its word, never grew further. Thus, Agastya accomplished by guile something that would have been impossible to accomplish by force.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Born like a dream...

Cherished like a child ...

Nourished like a plant ...

That's how I treat our Friendship dear Friend.



As long as we have memories ...

Yesterday remains

As long as we have hope ...

Tomorrow awaits

As long as we have Friendship...

each day is never a waste.



if I am missing something its 'U'

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mind boggling pictures

Try to find the white spots. That is how your brain confuses you. This is to prove that you cannot believe your own eyes.

I really did not get how this could be , Can You?
Focus on the point in the middle and move farward and backward.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

The story starts with two boys, James and Victor.

James is sick and is looked after by his father, then a commotion at the door draws his fathers attention. James hears a shot and when he looks out he finds his father dead and a man handling his mother, overcome with rage he kills the man with the bone claws that emerge from his knuckles. Just before dying the man informs James that he in fact is his father. James mother is disgusted with him and asks him who he was. James run away but his brother Victor catches up with him and assures him that as brothers they have to look after each other. Together the brothers fight in all the wars and finally had to face a firing squad due to Victors misdeeds. Since the brothers can heal they pretty much lock them in a cell with chains, where they were visited by Major Stryker.

He is looking for special members for his special team, and ensures that they will be granted full pardon. The team includes Zero(shoots faster than the bullets), Wade (his swords are sharper than his tongue), John (teleporter), Dukes (invincible), Chris(the technopath). The total disregard for human life by the team in their quest for some meteor disgusts James and causes him to leave the team against Victors will.

After six years, married to Kyala a school teacher and working as a lumberjack by the name of Logan, he was once again visited by Colonel Stryker who reports that people of his team are being killed. Logan refuses to help but when Victor kills Kyala, he joins Stryker to take revenge on Victor. Stryker assures him that his experiment would make him stronger than Victor, Stryker injects Logan with adamantium to reinforce his skeleton, when the experiment was over Logan finds out that Stryker has other intentions, he breaks out of the lab and runs away. He learns that Stryker along with Victor is kidnapping people with special abilities and conducting experiments on them in an island. With the help of a card player, Gambit, who escaped from the island, he goes back there only to find out that he was being cheated by Kyala, in fact Kyala was not dead and is also a mutant who can alternate people's thought just by touching them.

Heart broken Logan attempts to leave, but when Victor threatens to kill Kyala he comes back and releases all the prisoners in which is Kyala's sister because of whome Kyala has to act the way she did. Stryker activates weapon XI the super soldier with the abilities of other mutants who is none other than Wade. Logan fights Wade while the escaped prisoners escape and find Prof. Charles Xavier waiting for them. Logan defeats Wade with the help of Victor. Stryker shoots Logan with adamantium bullets which causes him to lose his memory. Kyala dies, and Logan does not remember her...

Wolverine is the name he takes because of a story Kyala tells him, that part was romantic. Liked it but wouldn't say I loved it. The story lacked grip. Come on ... Why has to Kyala live,and had to die twice, made no sense. And why did Victor help Logan, absurd, since they swore to kill each other.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Angels & Demons

Angels and Deamons is the Movie based on Danbrown's book with the same name. Though the book was good the movie lacked the excitement. The movie started quiet different from the book, but they made it work. Ofcourse Tom was great in his role, but for people who did not read the book, all the running around might seem confusing. There is no clear connection shown between the Camerlengo and the killer. The blast was supposed to be the finale, but when the people kept talking, everyone is confused why the movie was not over yet (since it is shown that the illuminati and the assassin are dead and the bomb threat removed). The ending was hence, a disappointment. May be if the director showed the conversation of Camerlengo and Commander Richter then the audience would have something to look farward to, like how this guy is going to be caught.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yanki Naidu bava

Yanki and Naidu bava are two simple characters created by Namduri Subbarao. Not sure that the two are lovers or married couple but their love is truly magical. They express their love for each other through song. The saga of their love is pure, natural and heartwarming. These songs with which Naidubava praises his Yanki and her beauty in a most loving and caring manner that it fills our heart with sweet emotions of innocent love shared between a village girl and her dear lover. Yanki while performing her duties as a wife and flirting off like a lover sings with nothing else but utmost love for her spouse. Every man wishes for a humble, devoted and that slightly mischevious Yanki, while every lady wants a devoted, caring and loving husband.

The songs are written in a day to day manner, keeping in mind the little spats they face and the way they resolve them. The language used is typical village slang, which is why it gets more popularity from the commoners as well as the educated for its simplicity and sweetness.

Nanduri subbarao captures the sweet innocence of a typical village couple and present to us in a fashion which appels to classes as well as the masses alike. The words used may not be complicated but are a mirror of one's innermost emotions, they reflect the love for each other. The songs take us to a pleasant village senario with lushes green paddy fields, dotted with people working and the escapades of a couple flirting away with eachother. This setting is perfect for the couple as it defines who they are, a young innocent couple with not a care in the world except for each other.

No matter what his Yanki does Naidu bava is impressed. He praises her for sneeking a peek at him while he leaves for work or the way she shines in the moonlight. He pleads her to come back when she is not around and orders not to leave his sight. He is in Love and it shows
Also see: Yanki patalu

Monday, February 9, 2009

Air Show above our house

I has been almost an year since I moved to Marthahalli, and I still could not get used to all the noises around here, especially the high pitched sounds of the landing aircrafts. Well our house falls right under the landing path of old airport and there is a constant traffic of flights coming in and going out.

True the airport has shifted to yelahanka but still there is a lot of noise here believe me. When the jets fly through, my heart just skips a beat. The sound is so loud its like something is coming crasing over me. Believe me, if something 'is' coming crasing on me, I would just think its a jet.
Yesterday the frequency of these flights has increased considerably increased, the reason they were rehearsing for the airshow 'Aero India 2009' and we got the first peak at it. The above is a U968

The jets were hard to catch on camera but I think I got some shots though blurry.

You can see the wheels are out and this flight is preparing to land
There goes another one so hard to catch.

The proud eagle entered my frame trying to prove though mechanical birds are cool it can do even better. Show off!

This one is a tri colored aircraft, but I am not sure what it is...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2nd Swadesi movement

Today I have recieved a SMS and I thought I should share it with all of you
It said :
'We are in a financial crisis. The rupee is weakening everyday. So there is an urgent need for a "2nd Swadesi Movement!". Please buy goods produced by Indian companies. Avoid Pepsi, Coke etc. since it has a profit of 800% the goods value. Try to use Indian products, try contributing to Indian economy. More than 3000 small & medium scale companies have been shut in one month. Try passing this info. to whomeever you can if you are a true Indian.'

So here I made a reference to all the Indian companies accoring to their categories

Aravind Mills

ACC Ltd.
Aditya Birla
Bharat Aluminium Company
Bharat Electronics Limited
Essar Group
Hindustan Construction Company
Larsen & Toubro

Modren Retail:

Transportation :
Air Sahara
Air India
Ashok Leyland
Bajaj Auto
Bharat Petroleum
Eicher Motors
GoAir Airlines
Great Eastren Shipping
Hero Honda
Hero Cycles
Indian Railways
Jet Airways
Konkan Railway Corporation
Maruti Udyog

Banking :
Bank of India
Bank of Baroda
Canara Bank
Federal Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank

Food :
Britannia Industries
Harnik General Foods

Health Care :
Cadila Health care
Dr. Reddy' Laboratories

Household :
Eureka Forbes
Godrej Group
Hindustan Times

Adani Group
BMR Advisors
Ballarpur Industries Limited
CMC Limited
Crest Animation Studios
Engineers India Limited
Gussmann Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
HCL Technologies
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
Hindustan Computers Ltd
Hindustan Machine Tools
Hindustan Motors
Hindustan Petroleum
i-flex Solutions
Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation
National Aluminium Company
National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

Media :
Balaji Telefilms
Moser Baer

For more information on these companies goto:

Try to avoid international products such as
Johnson and johnson

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bangalore Flower show

The Flower show in Lalbagh, Bangalore on the eve of Republic Day is such a delightful event.