Monday, November 28, 2016

Sanchari Mahotsava 2016

Yesterday was an amazingly refreshing day spent in Indiranagar Sangeet sabha. We were  to witness some of the young people in banglore showcase their talent in Sanchari Mahotsava 2016.

 The program started of with a 'Tilana' by giggling little school girls all decked up in glittering jewelry, it was cute to watch. They enjoyed their performance and so did we. 

Then came the vocals, where six kids performed two songs each, some were divine and some needed more practice but I was really amazed at the talent of these kids who could sing so beautifully at such an young age. 

The whole event was was carried out quiet professionally which showed that these kids meant business. 

There was also a mesmerizing performance by one of the teachers, her voice soothing, her countenance pleasing and her songs filled the whole auditorium with a serenity. It was a pleasant experience, for those few moments I was transformed to my happy place. I was there with my husband and 2 year old kid and neither gave me trouble during the show, (you know how husbands are if its not sports or action movies, they get bored), infact my 2 year old was so moved by the music that he too tried a few ragas (not the crying kind mind you), it was so cute to watch, well that's what good music does, it moves people.  

The program ended with three spirited performances of Bharatanatyam by Prardhana, Rohit and Aishwarya although Rohit's performance was my favourite. I say this because I have seen grace and vigour in his performance, his facial expression matched his steps and his steps were in tune withe music, I am no expert in Bharatanatyam, but his was my clear favorite because I enjoyed watching it, and in the end isn't it all that counts. 

The day ended with a display of some spectacular paintings by Surya Natarajan from her studio Zilpa. She also offers art classes for Adults & kids in Tanjore painting, Glass paintings, reverse glass paintings, oil and acrylics.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mekadatu - the goats leap

If you search for this place on the net you will find people chilling out in the water and having fun, it is an exciting place to be... but its dangerous as well and that makes it more exciting. Situated in the dense forests, two life giving rivers merge and then flow through the ravine into a narrow gorge. This place is a testament to the power of nature, looking over the water, on to the surrounding hills covered with dense forests makes us feel so small and insignificant.
Just taking a moment away form your camera, phone and laptop just to behold the wonder, that is nature is enough to soothe your soul. The rocks here are not chiselled or sculptured yet they radiate great beauty. The armored riverbed here is filled with motley of parti-coloured pebbles add a picturesque charm to this place.
The waters that look so deceptively calm on the surface behold within them the power to even cut through rock and stone.The flora and fauna,... everything here is a work of art. The turbulent relation between water and rock creates a amazing scenery that arrests your heart.

Getting here : We can reach this place by driving to Sangama which is a mere 90 km from Banglore. then taking a coracle over to the other side of the river to board a bus that goes through the rocky road and reach the view point from where we could get a great view of the Mekadaatu where the goat leapt to escape from the lion.