Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bali - The Ocean of Milk

I started reading this new book about The churning of the Ocean of Milk. Well I knew the story quiet well from the puranas but never like this.

In the preface the author mentions a discovery of an ancient city in the Himalayan mountain ranges near Arunachal Pradesh by the Chinese engineers which was covered up and a slab that tells a story.
I was intrigued but then there is nothing I could use to search on the net. Google every thing... just like me... but then If I had found it easily then it would not be a mystery. And I like a good mystery.

Getting back to the book, the first impression I got of the book after a few pages was, it is for today's youth, like the mention of words like TLC made me think that the author wrote the book, but for the adolescent readers, well he was trying to introduce the age old stories to the new generation in their own lingo. IMPRESSIVE but then the reference to our Gods in such a casual manner like they were mere humans is a bit .... you know disappointing. Like they could make parchments appear in air but are sooooooo concerned about the gold and silver. What do Gods want with gold and silver, according to me their wealth are the number of devotees that have faith in them. Their power comes from the offerings that these devotees offer, so I read in one of the puranas. May be he should have written something in that angle.

Oh well! to each their own, but I have completed just half of the book and I like it. Especially If I do not think of them as the Gods we know, but new characters in the book. This opens up a whole new world, these characters are definitely more real and conceivable than the almighty figures we were told.

I will be writing more once I finish reading... and teluguvaramandi blog