Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mysore Palace

A weekend trip from Bangalore to Mysore has become a ritual whenever we receive a guest. Everyone wants to see the Mysore palace no matter what. Its really one of the best Hindu palaces boasting its magnificence and glory. Well it is considerable new architecture and is built quiet recently when compared to the historically significant palaces in India. Still it stands as a symbol of the extravagance of the existing royalty. The front entrance of the palace.

The palace from the front.

The statue of lions that adore the palace grounds.

But these days the Main entrance is not used, instead the Eastern entrance is used for the public entry. There is a temple to the right side where the royalty has been paying obeisance for ages. Those majestic domes can be seen from this view. Cameras are not allowed inside the palace so they can be safely deposited at a counter near the entrance. There is always a rush at the entrance also footwear is prohibited inside the palace. there is another stall that accepts footwear near the entrance of the palace. We can also find audio guides for a price in this place, if you are interested to know more about the palace. We enter into the palace and parade of miniature models welcomes us. On the sides of the entry door we find enormous stuffed elephant head looking malicious even in death. we enter to a grand atrium with tall columns and a painted glass dome. The dome is beautifully decorated with colorful peacock feathers and other paints. This is once used for the wedding ceremony of the royals. The walls of this enormous hall are decorated with intricate paintings of the famous Dasara/Dussera festivities for generations. We can see see different chariots bearing the royals and other aristocrats in procession, drawn with horses and elephants.

Painting of Durga puja by the royals in the palace during Dasara

Through a huge teakwood door we enter to the next hall filled with the painting of the earlier royals and visiting dignitaries.

The famous 700kg golden throne

Then we proceed towards the first floor of the palace.on the way we fing the the golden elephant saddle on which the king used to ride during the festivities, now it is used to carry the idol of mother Chamundi the deity of the royals for generation during the parade of Dasara.

On the way to the first floor we find a old style elevator. The first floor of the palace is filled with beautifully painted columns. Here we find the viewing gallery with ceilings widespread and creating awe to its spectators.

From here we go to the main Durbar hall where the king holds his royal meetings. This is the place to see to find the extravagance and granduer of the royals.

So here are those rare pictures of the interior of Mysore Palace.


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