Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shadow Princess

Just books in Rajajeswari nagar banglore, does not have Indu sudersans 'Feast of Roses' book. That's disappointing because I was looking forward to reading that. Anyway I got the next book in the series 'The Shadow Princess', this book is about Jahanara, the daughter of Muntaz and Shahjahan.
Her secret love story, her influence over her father, her command over the zenana, her role in the life of her siblings. Jahanara took over the zenana right after her mother's death, she had to control her over enthusiastic siblings, her jealous sister Roshanara, her over zelous brother Aurangazeb and the callous brother who was supposed to be the next emperor after Shajahan but lost everything due to his carelessness. She took care of Shajahan until his death as her life burned away. Strong women existed in every period of time, some were recognised but many lie in the shadows....

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