Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Monday, August 6, 2012

Religion - Science

There is an age old battle between Science and Religion. While Religion is like the wise old man, though withered and bent with age still holds the power to control and command, Science is like the strong and sturdy young man with a confidence to conquer the world. When the ripe old religious man expects to be obeyed without question as he speaks from experience, the young man of science who wants to question everything and find out for himself through experience and understand for himself. While religion may not have the strength to explain every single thing, so expects us to put our faith in it, science spends time and energy to explain and gives us proof for what it does. While religion does not oppose science, it just expects science to take its experience into consideration and slow down and think before taking the leap. For what good is an atom bomb if it does more harm than good, and what good are mere prayers if you cannot get the medicine. All we need is the energy of the youth of science with the wisdom of the religious experience. That should be our bright future, that is all we should aspire for our future generations. and teluguvaramandi blog