Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Star World on Tatasky

After a busy morning of cooking and sending my husband to his office I like to sit infront of my TV with a hot cup of chai and hit fav. button on my tatasky remote and there comes on my TV my absolutely favourite channel Star World since it was started, but today I couldn't find it. Why has sky removed the telecast of the channel without notice?

It seems that acting on a complaint from subscribers, the Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) has issued notice to Tata Sky to explain its position on discontinuation of two NEO channels from its package and charging extra money for a premier HD channel allegedly in violation of service agreement.

NEO has also separately moved TDSAT to prevent Tata Sky from blocking its signals. NEO’s contract with TataSky was coming up for renewal but the DTH major was not keen to renew it they could not come to a mutually suitable understanding on the commercials as any viewer of the NEO channel has already known since 2 months.

Tata Sky has been accused of depriving its subscribers from viewing the NEO channels that they had already paid for.

I wish they would resolve the situation soon. I would like to watch my fav shows on star world or move to another service provider. and teluguvaramandi blog

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It was a Sunday morning, and we were totally free of engagements (which by the way is a very rare case). We decided to go on a long drive, just me and my husband cruising in my car. Went to Bannergatte but did not want to stop there so we drove further...we knew that there is a picnic spot somewhere in Anekal called Mutyalamaduvu. In Kannada language, Muthyalamaduvu means Pearl Valley

It is a beautiful gorge with a sleek little ravine flowing through it and surrounded by lush green forest infested with mischievious monkeys with their devil may care attitude. Although it is a picnic spot you might want to be careful with your food these little devils could gang up on you, so I suggest you have your food before descending the gorge that way you can enjoy  the place in peace. The tourisim of Karnataka has provided us with minimum facilities and gazibos to sit and eat.

The  stairs leading to the ravine is not long and ends up near the temple of Shiva on the right and a beautiful waterfall that ends up in a little pond. Here the water from the falls slides down the flora of the place creating an illusion of a sting of pearls, hence the name Pearl Valley. The source of this water is the Onakanahalli Tank located nearby. and teluguvaramandi blog 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vanity Fair

I read a lot ...
that being evident from my past blogs I would like to add I am also a big fan of period romances.
Big Big Fan...

I watched Vanity Fair starring Reese Witherspoon, it was a lovely movie about a woman Becky Sharp who would do whatever it takes to survive, and that survivor instinct made her lose her love and life. Society, be it at that time or this frowns upon an ambitious women. They could not swallow the fact that a woman could outwit a man, infact several men. I wanted to read the book so I got into it. When I read the book I found out the author has a deep insight into the woman's world which only a few men are privileged to have. He understands woman on a level that normal people don't... he understands smart and ambitious woman and that is rare. Being a woman I myself could say that I have seen several woman who lost all ambition after marriage and I have seen woman fighting for their rights and equality and COMPLETELY lost their peace of mind. But I think that the author knows what a success is for a woman.

Here is a paragraph from the book I find insightful...

'The best of women are hypocrites. We don't know how much they hide from us; how watchful they are when they seem most artless and confidential; how often those frank smiles which they wear so easily, are traps to cajole or elude or disarm - I did not mean in your coquittes, but your domestic models, and paragons of female virtue. Who has not seen a woman hide the dullness of her stupid husband, or coax the fury of a savage one? We accept this amiable slavishness and praise a woman for it: we call this pretty treachery truth.

' and teluguvaramandi blog