Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vanity Fair

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that being evident from my past blogs I would like to add I am also a big fan of period romances.
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I watched Vanity Fair starring Reese Witherspoon, it was a lovely movie about a woman Becky Sharp who would do whatever it takes to survive, and that survivor instinct made her lose her love and life. Society, be it at that time or this frowns upon an ambitious women. They could not swallow the fact that a woman could outwit a man, infact several men. I wanted to read the book so I got into it. When I read the book I found out the author has a deep insight into the woman's world which only a few men are privileged to have. He understands woman on a level that normal people don't... he understands smart and ambitious woman and that is rare. Being a woman I myself could say that I have seen several woman who lost all ambition after marriage and I have seen woman fighting for their rights and equality and COMPLETELY lost their peace of mind. But I think that the author knows what a success is for a woman.

Here is a paragraph from the book I find insightful...

'The best of women are hypocrites. We don't know how much they hide from us; how watchful they are when they seem most artless and confidential; how often those frank smiles which they wear so easily, are traps to cajole or elude or disarm - I did not mean in your coquittes, but your domestic models, and paragons of female virtue. Who has not seen a woman hide the dullness of her stupid husband, or coax the fury of a savage one? We accept this amiable slavishness and praise a woman for it: we call this pretty treachery truth.

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