Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 Story

Just came back from watching Iron Man 3
What a movie though I watched it in 3D there are not many 3D  effects that will awe you except for a few snowflakes and ashes. But the story is too good that who cares if the 3D effects are not.

Tony is reminiscing his past actions, a party in Switzerland where he met cool scientist and a geeky scientist and 'creates demons' as he puts it.

In the present day Iron man is turned by the govt. of USA from a cool WARMACHINE to Iron Patriot to eliminate the latest threat to westren civilization, a terrorist leader named 'Mandarin' who causes a series of explosions of whose origin and material still eludes the govt. While Tony is suffering from anxiety attacks whenever the "New York" incident is mentioned. To save the love of his life Pepper Pots he keeps building and building new models with updates and enhancements, and totally ignores the love infront of him.

Pepper meets the geeky scientist Aldrich, who Tony leaves stranded on the roof top that day in switzerland, but now he is fully transformed and Wolah!...handsome. Happy, the faithful bodyguard of  Tony warns him of the presence of a handsome stranger who is getting close to Pepper and offers to keep a closer look on him and his associate. Happy finds something really important about the explosions that are going on everywhere, but he himself gets seriously injured in the explosion. This makes the Iron Man very mad, he gives a public statement, no a cristimas card to the Mandarin saying that he would take his revenge.

The next day Tony gets a visit from Maya, the sexy scientist he met in the same conference in switzerland. But then in a awesome attack on his mansion Tony loses everything, his house, his super cool cars, and he gets out only with his new prototype M42 something....which is yet to be tested for action. He shoots up into the sky and lands... more like crashes in a remote village of tennisy, there he finds out more about what is causing the explosions and the fight that follows is another utterly original action sequence.

 Maya tells Pepper that Aldrich is working for Mandarin and she came to warn Tony, but in truth they are both working together. Rodes who is now the Iron Patriot is sent on a wild goose chase around the globe to find where the Mandarin is transmitting from, get caught by one of his 'soldiers'. Meanwhile in Tennesy Tony finds out that his anxiety attacks are getting worse, but with the help and encouragement of his little friend Harley, he finds out that the transmissions by Mandarin are coming from Maime. While he leaves Jarvis in Harley's garage to recharge, he ventures into the mansion in the coast of Miame to find Mandarin. When he enters the mansion he finds something very shocking about "The Mandarin" that changes his whole view of this gruesome affair of series bomb blasts.

Pepper is taken hostage and so is the president of USA. But as always the Hero saves the day and kills the bad guy? Or does he?...umm........Oh! I cannot keep it a secret Tony is not the one who finally kills the bad guy, infact he is seriously beaten by him.... That's it,
That's all I am going to say for now. WATCH IT you will Love it.

The movie has some original action sequences that will keep you on the edge of the seat.
Tony's witty one liners are especially brilliant.
Might I say he has improved his Physical appearence a lot,... I mean A LOT


Rodhes : If you cannot save the president WITH the suit, how are you going to save Pepper without it.

Jarvis : Sir, I am doing my best considering you gave the address on national TV. and teluguvaramandi blog

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