Monday, June 15, 2009

Angels & Demons

Angels and Deamons is the Movie based on Danbrown's book with the same name. Though the book was good the movie lacked the excitement. The movie started quiet different from the book, but they made it work. Ofcourse Tom was great in his role, but for people who did not read the book, all the running around might seem confusing. There is no clear connection shown between the Camerlengo and the killer. The blast was supposed to be the finale, but when the people kept talking, everyone is confused why the movie was not over yet (since it is shown that the illuminati and the assassin are dead and the bomb threat removed). The ending was hence, a disappointment. May be if the director showed the conversation of Camerlengo and Commander Richter then the audience would have something to look farward to, like how this guy is going to be caught.

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