Wednesday, June 17, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

The story starts with two boys, James and Victor.

James is sick and is looked after by his father, then a commotion at the door draws his fathers attention. James hears a shot and when he looks out he finds his father dead and a man handling his mother, overcome with rage he kills the man with the bone claws that emerge from his knuckles. Just before dying the man informs James that he in fact is his father. James mother is disgusted with him and asks him who he was. James run away but his brother Victor catches up with him and assures him that as brothers they have to look after each other. Together the brothers fight in all the wars and finally had to face a firing squad due to Victors misdeeds. Since the brothers can heal they pretty much lock them in a cell with chains, where they were visited by Major Stryker.

He is looking for special members for his special team, and ensures that they will be granted full pardon. The team includes Zero(shoots faster than the bullets), Wade (his swords are sharper than his tongue), John (teleporter), Dukes (invincible), Chris(the technopath). The total disregard for human life by the team in their quest for some meteor disgusts James and causes him to leave the team against Victors will.

After six years, married to Kyala a school teacher and working as a lumberjack by the name of Logan, he was once again visited by Colonel Stryker who reports that people of his team are being killed. Logan refuses to help but when Victor kills Kyala, he joins Stryker to take revenge on Victor. Stryker assures him that his experiment would make him stronger than Victor, Stryker injects Logan with adamantium to reinforce his skeleton, when the experiment was over Logan finds out that Stryker has other intentions, he breaks out of the lab and runs away. He learns that Stryker along with Victor is kidnapping people with special abilities and conducting experiments on them in an island. With the help of a card player, Gambit, who escaped from the island, he goes back there only to find out that he was being cheated by Kyala, in fact Kyala was not dead and is also a mutant who can alternate people's thought just by touching them.

Heart broken Logan attempts to leave, but when Victor threatens to kill Kyala he comes back and releases all the prisoners in which is Kyala's sister because of whome Kyala has to act the way she did. Stryker activates weapon XI the super soldier with the abilities of other mutants who is none other than Wade. Logan fights Wade while the escaped prisoners escape and find Prof. Charles Xavier waiting for them. Logan defeats Wade with the help of Victor. Stryker shoots Logan with adamantium bullets which causes him to lose his memory. Kyala dies, and Logan does not remember her...

Wolverine is the name he takes because of a story Kyala tells him, that part was romantic. Liked it but wouldn't say I loved it. The story lacked grip. Come on ... Why has to Kyala live,and had to die twice, made no sense. And why did Victor help Logan, absurd, since they swore to kill each other.

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