Monday, February 9, 2009

Air Show above our house

I has been almost an year since I moved to Marthahalli, and I still could not get used to all the noises around here, especially the high pitched sounds of the landing aircrafts. Well our house falls right under the landing path of old airport and there is a constant traffic of flights coming in and going out.

True the airport has shifted to yelahanka but still there is a lot of noise here believe me. When the jets fly through, my heart just skips a beat. The sound is so loud its like something is coming crasing over me. Believe me, if something 'is' coming crasing on me, I would just think its a jet.
Yesterday the frequency of these flights has increased considerably increased, the reason they were rehearsing for the airshow 'Aero India 2009' and we got the first peak at it. The above is a U968

The jets were hard to catch on camera but I think I got some shots though blurry.

You can see the wheels are out and this flight is preparing to land
There goes another one so hard to catch.

The proud eagle entered my frame trying to prove though mechanical birds are cool it can do even better. Show off!

This one is a tri colored aircraft, but I am not sure what it is...

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