Friday, January 20, 2017

Coorg - the exploited paradise

It had been 7 years since I last went to Madekeri, in Coorg district of Karnataka. Back then it was beautifully natural, mostly untouched by the harsh hands of civilization. Now that gorgeous wilderness has been bruatally mauled by tourism and has been tamed to submission. No longer the hike into the jungle to watch those cascading falls a peaceful and tranquail experience but a very fussy and crowded one. This time when I went to Abby falls I could see plastic garbage everywhere and it made me really sad.
Abbey Falls, Coorg, Karnataka
I wish the tourists wouldn't do such harm to the very environ they are here to admire. Also I wish the tourism department along with developing the area restrict the sale of non-degradable items near such natural resourses and keep the serenity of the place in tact. Even after such ill teatment by its adorers the place still proudly lays bear its beauty for everyone to enjoy. I only wish that it is not completly spoiled like another tourist spot that I have recently.

Talakaveri, Coorg, Karnataka

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