Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Notre - Dame

Notre - Dame

In the heart of Paris stands the capital's most beautiful religious monument, the cathedral of Notre-Dame, a master piece of harmony and balance.
In the dinning room of our house, stands my Notre - Dame as the most unique center piece anyone could have on thier table.

Construction :
Its construction spanned almost two centuries.
Mine, spanned almost 2 weeks of relentless cutting paper and glueing them together.
The first stone was laid in 1163 during the reign of Louis VII le Jeune and construction was completed in 1345.
The first paper was cut on june 13th, 2008 when I was really bored and I found the book which my brother bought in Paris.

During a little more than a century and a half everyone participated in the great enterprise, in an immense demonstration of faith.
Immense boredom owing to frequent power cuts in Banglore, and lack of anything better to do lead to the under taking of such a tiresome mission.

Guilds of masons, carpenters, glass makers and sculptors united their efforts under the direction of the architects, Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreuil.
My husband, tired of me not cooking him proper meals decided to finish it off, so that I will be back to my original self.
The fascade extends 40 m (130ft). The total length is 130 m (423 ft) the totla height of the tower is 69 m (224 ft). These few figures give us the indication of the immensity of the building.
Scaled down to 1/250,(1cm=2.5m) with the base of 22 x 63 cm and maximum height of 38 cm, with over 300 pieces to cut out. These figures give the indication of the complexity of my building.
For centuries and even before its completion the great cathedral has pulsed with the heart of the capital.
For days and even before its completion it has been the topic of discussion in and around the friends circle.
Nothing was too good for the house of God, and the builders did not hesitate to change the Romanesque portals of the transept, which was judged to be severe in relationship to the ornamental richness of the great Gothic facade.

Notre - Dame de Paris is certainly one of the most sumptuous bibles in stone offered to the centuries marvelling gaze.
And so is mine in paper...

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