Sunday, January 18, 2009

Slumdog Millionair

Slumdog Millionair ..... a brilliant movie by Danny Boyle

A same old rags to riches story, but very well told, offering you a roller coaster of emotion, drama intertwined with a heartwarming lovestory.

Vikas and Simon have done their research and the result is a shocking reality of the slum life which we barely know but exists out there...

True-to-life view of the slums of India, shocking to admit but true to its core. The director captured the emotion and hardship which might lead a person to do wrong, and yet though it is easy to take the wrong path it is not that quiet difficult to take the right one, such is the story of Salim and Jamaal from the slums of Mumbai. Though both came from the same background and faced the same dire situations Jamaal chose to be good and Salim chose to be bad.

Dev Patel made a perfect Jamaal Malik. Performaces by all the stars was excellent.

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