Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Republicday

India celebrated it's 60 Republicday on 26-01-2010 with great adoration.
The floats that are displayed this year are beautiful and unraveling the different dimensions of India
Rajastan float is JantarmantarManipur drangons on its float
Bihar has silk and silkworms on its float depicting the making of the famous production of silk
Maharastra has depicted the famous catering delivery of food as 'dibbewala'
Karnataka was proud to present their famous temples with the sound of drums
Meghalay bamboodrip irrigation natural irrigation. the 200 old system which is still followed in there
Tripura had on its float a musical presentation of film with magical the voice of Sachin Dev Burman
J&K had its artisans on its float full of their gorgeous and colorful works
Goa was the host of International Film Festival inviting celebrities from all over on their glamorous float

Chattisgargh had its float bursting with the natural terrein, the caves, the forests, and displaying its natural beauty of stalimides
Kerala'ds float was bursting with culture and depicting their festival in padayini
Mizoram has its handicrafts on display which is the result of the hardwork of many people
Uttarakand has brought forth their Kunmbh Mela and idols of deities and a picture of devotees offering their offerings in Mother Ganga
Next was 'Bharateeya Darshan' float from the Ministry of culture depicting the musical instruments of different states along with the sound of their melodious music
Following this was a float of the people below the poverty line
The float that followed was that of India Railways connecting the four corners of India
Central Public Works had decided to improve the awarness about Global warming
Ministry of Power displayed the importance of Hydrolic power which supports Biodiversity
Ministry of Labour proudly presented thier produce and the part of traditional farmers in Indian economy.
Ministry of Forest was colorful with the lifestyle of the tribal people
Ministry of Youth and Games had displayed their Common wealth games which was the pride of Milka Singh our Minister of sports was the end of Floats this Year

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