Monday, March 22, 2010

The things you don't see

When you watch your fav program you are often interrepted with lot of ads. There are so many ads about so many products, promising you so many effective solutions for so many things. but have you observed the information they provide at the bottom of the screen in tiny font. Thats the thing we have to observe to know the real truth of the product. Cosmetic advertisements which make the ladies (now-a-days even the gents) go and waste money on these items not-so-clearly state that whatever you are watching is a "Creative Visualization." Which means they didn't get that good because of ous cosmetics, we made them vizually good looking by our vfx (airbrushes).

Also insurences and mutual funds have in tiny font that "Conditions Apply please read the offer document carefully before investing." They depend on the lazyness of the investers for their profits. So try to read the tiny font and don't be lazy. You never know what you may discover. I want to tell you one of my experiences here I was travelling by train one day and there was this group of people who had reserved tickets for more seats than they are. They insisted that since they paid for the seats they could use the unoccupied seats for sleeping in a already crowded compartment. I have read on the back of the ticket once that tickets are given as one seat per passenger and if the passengers who reserved the seat did not come then anyone can claim the seat by paying the TC the balance amount. I asked for the TC and got my seat while others did not demand the seat when they thought it was reserved.

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