Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The walk to the gorge is interesting we find rocks everywhere and water over them. There are trees at a distance like an audience watching with complete attention.The hills far away are standing majestically over the whole scenery and the blue sky has white cottony clouds floating lazily reminding us that we are on a vaction and there is no need to hurry.
The first view of the gorge is mind-blowing. We saw the coracles floating down there and wondered how scary it would be to go down there. Those steep rocks hard and unyeilding did not look like a relaxing thing to do. The steep staircases leading into the gorge were frightning as well. And the fact that the boat man shared that the depths of these waters are around 100ft at places was not encouraging either.

The ride in coracles was not bad as we thought. In fact it was really nice, we even went under a few of the falls and soaked ourselves. And after this exciting ride it was time to relax and have those fish pieces you brought with you.

A cool place to be, on a hot day

The caves formed in the carbonite rocks due to rapids.

Here we find kids who are ready to dive into the waters for 10/- and to watch them do it is breathtaking but I don't know... It sounded cruel to give money to these kids to jump into those trecherous waters, i mean they are so young that they barely know the danger they are putting themselves in. For them 10 jumps means 100/- earned easily but it is really really dangerous.

At a distance is a small island where fresh fish is caught and cooked in fron of you. This is also a place for camping.

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