Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The movie begins from where the last one ends, when Tony announces that he is 'Iron man'. Watching this telecast in Russia an old man dies and his son, Vango, takes it upon himself to kill Stark and duplicates stark reactor to design himself a fancy new electrical whips. The Iron man's intro in the movies was smashing when he "drops in" at Stark Expo. Stark gets served right after the Expo. A committee is set to discuss about Stark and his weapon. Tony explains that he and the Iron man are not seperate and explains how he alone had achieved world peace with his suit and also exposes his business rival, Hammer's failed attempts to build an army of Iron men for "the US military". Though Tony is his usual arrogant self, there is somthing that is bothering him. The battery core is slowly intoxicating Tony's blood. As the blood toxication increases Tony becomes more and more self destructive. He appoints Pepper to be the CEO of Stark Enterprises with out telling her why. Hides the fact of his blood toxication from his best friend Rodes and Pepper. Agent Romonaff of 'Shield' replaces pepper as Tony's assistant. When Tony skips a corporate pary to race in a derby he comes face to face with Vango. The action sequence that follows is exciting. Pepper brings Tony his suit and he defeats Vango, Vango tells Stark a few uncomfortable truths about Tony's father. Meanwhile Hammer understands that Vango could replicate Tony's reactor and smuggles him from the prison and asks him to build him a new army. Stark and Rodes get into a fight and Rodes takes off with one of Tony's suits and trades it with Hammer for better weapons for the army, though he removes the reactor befor he hands it over to Hammer. Fury from SHIELD offers Tony his father's old material to cure himself from palladium poisoning and it works. Hammer gets his army and hosts an Expo but Vango has plans of his own. Vango Invites Tony to the Expo and launches the whole army of Iron men on him. But Rodes and Tony defeat them. Pepper get Hammer arrested and he swears vengence so we know who the villan in Iron man 3 is going to be. All in all a good movie with good entertainment value.
I give it a 7/10
Watch it...

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