Saturday, June 5, 2010

You never fully dressed without a SMILE

A smile is something beautiful, something special, something warm, something caring, and is the mirror of your heart.

A person who smiles pleasantly is the best person to spend time with. We see many people smiling artificially, officially, mechanically and ofcource periodically but what good is it? A smile should be true and you get that true smile when you have a beautiful and careing heart. Keeping your mind clean of all unnecessary thoughts brings you closer to that smile. A smile is all a baby needs to make her the most lovable thing in your life. That innocent and beautiful is the only thing that is true in this world, a warm feeling that touches everyone who feels it coming at them. All the make-up you put on yourself could not attract someone as with a sweet smile, you cannot practice a sweet smile, we cannot immitate a capturing smile, That smile that radiates in everyone comes when we radiate ourself. Feel good about yourself, never feel bad about yourself cause everyone is special, - I knoe people hear it all the time but its true now as it was true the first time it was said. The uniqueness you have is the thing that makes you different from others and that is the ONLY thing that makes you special. Knowing you are special makes you happy and that would allow you to glow from inside and brings out the smile that you wear as the most bright, beautiful, and sparkling ornament. So remember you are never fully dressed without a beautiful and heartful smile.

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