Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was just watching 'Koffee with Karan' season 3 first episode with Aish and Abishek and I realised that if you take Abishek without his family name of Bachan, if we put aside the serious Abishek in 'Guru' and look at Abishek just that tall man you see that he has a unique personality of his own. He is such a fun loving guy and I am glad to see him like that. Why in the world are directors offering him serious roles, just because his father is famous as an angry young man. I think his body language is good for comedies. He is a natural at that why not offer him such roles, hollywood has tons of comedies where the leading man did all the comedy scenes and I think those are the roles which would make a mark. Just take an example of the angry young man Amitabhji himself, his most famous scenes that people still act out are his comedy act of a drunk 'satte pe satta' and his broken english scene from 'Namak Halal'. I would only imagine Abishek in one such scene and it makes me smile. Even the recent angry man Ajay Devagan had great success from 'GolMaal' that he is launching a third movie of it. Sanjay Datt who was famous for action movies is now only referred to as Muunna bhai. I think if Abishek switches to comedies it will do him wonders ... Just saying...

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