Thursday, January 6, 2011


Good book is like a good friend
'Good book is like a good friend' is a quatable quote. Long time ago I read a lesson during my junior school about owning a book, 'sonta pustakam', it was an essay in which the authour brags about his little book collection and jelously guards his treasure from prying neighbours and friendswho want to "borrow" them only never to return. The author is emotionally attached to his books that he finds the thoughtof someone borrowing his books and writing in them as defiling them. 'Never borrow a book when you can buy it' he says for a good book is more like a friend, it keeps us company even in dire of circumstances,keeps us informed, and whenever you read it you will always find something fascinating and new.It appelead to me and my brother in different ways he was always very guarded, his books were preciouseven when I wanted to borrow his books he was always cautious, he had rules which included amoung other things, not to open the book completely so that I would not crease the spine of the book. It was funny really how I acknowledged to his every rule because he used to have so many books that I want to read them all. As long as I kept to his rules he had no problem lending me his books, but I never really understood his precautious behaviour until I got my own set of books. When my cousin started borrowing them and always either "forgot" to return or "misplaced" them. I was so irritated by his behaviour that I started to have a set of rules of my own. No borrrowing indefinately, all books should be returned exactly within a limited period, sounds like what you read in the rules section of the library right? It was something like that. I think those who like their books as much as I did would definately agree to my rule. It is a compulsory precaution to save your books from such reckless readers. I love my books,well that was melodramatic. May be not 'love' my books but I really like them so much they have always been there for me.

I have a little collection of my own as I have mentioned earlier.Now let me brag about my own collection,which is not much but I love them none the less. I love fantasy, and supernatural books, they seem to appel to the child in me.I love imagining those magical worlds around me so its no wonder that I have Tolkin's 'Lord of the Rings'and the whole set of Harry Potter in my collection. Mystery is always interesting the first books I ever read and encouraged me into reading are the Sherlock Holmes adventures. I do have the whole collection. I found out that none of the big budgeted movies have ever owned up to the books. It highly impossible for them to capture every element of the book.When I grew up my brother bought a book called 'Why men don't listen, and why women can't read maps' I should say it helped me a lot in understanding my spouse. Its not a self help book, it was quiet funny and entertaining and quiet educational actually, something everyone should read and understand. And I have read Dan Brown's collection too.And then when the Twilight series came I was all into it. Recently I read 'P.S I love you' and found it too boring for my taste, but the movie made me cry. Then I have this collection of 'Mahabharatam', 'Ramayanam', 'Bhagavatgeeta','Bhaagavatam' and 'Vishnu Puraanam' I like to read as a research into our culture. In my school days I read as manyNancy Drew and Hardyboys books as I could get my hands on. I find Biographys boring and Selfhelp books Irritating.I would like to own Jane Austins 'Pride and Prejudice' someday and 'Emma' too I have watched so many adaptations of these books that I wanted to read them once.

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