Thursday, August 18, 2011

Movie about...

Today I saw a movie about Natalie Halloway
A shocking true story about the disappeareance of a 18 year old girl without a trace.
It really got me thinking, this is a movie every teenager must see. The clever, down to earth, soft teenage girl under the influence of alcohol and drugs could behave in a way that is absolutely not like her and how normal boys under the influence could make mistakes that would ruin their lives for ever and cause so much pain and suffering to so many people.
Girls should know that having too much fun can lead to so many problems. I am a resident of Bangalore and almost everyday I read about deaths and murders in the city. I go out and I see regular girls fallen to the fashions of the big city, change the way they dress and they behave. With parents back home, some small town or village these girls finally experiance freedom and do not think of its consequences.
Once women were considered sacred, now when a boy meets a girl for marriage proposal he asks if she is a 'virgin', and more shocking to say that some are not...
To many freedom means to do whatever they want. 'Its my life what's it to you if I ruin it. you are not my father?'

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