Saturday, September 10, 2011

Twentieth Wife

I have joined Just books and have been reading a lot. Recently I came across Indu Sudarsan's Twentieth wife. I am really glad that I have read this book. Indu Sudersan has a way with words, she paints a beautiful and colourful pictures with her words. Though the book goes a little too slow to my liking, I couldn't stop reading it. I could tell you how she researched for the material, how historical the book is, but I will not go into it, because I am here as a regular reader and not a critic. To me the book appealed so much because Indu Sudarsan is such a good narrator. She has transformed my bedroom into those colorful and vibrant zenanas with her vivid description. I could actually see the extravagance of the ladies of the zenana. I could actually feel for those people who lived and died so many years ago. She brought those historical figures to life and gave them character. I am truly amazed and inspired by her, cannot wait to read her other books...

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