Monday, January 2, 2012


Getting wood work done in your home is a job you should consider carefully. Todays minimalistic designs expect us not to be pacrats and keep the bear minimum, but to me all stuff count, they are reminders of a sweet yesterday which I like to preserve for tomorrow. So I needed a closed loft for my apartment where I could save all my memories. Before we went for wood work we had a lot of doubts and not many knew about what we are supposed to do. We did a lot of research in that are so I am sharing that experience with you so that you too might find it useful.

Things you should know before consulting your carpenter:

  • Before consulting a carpenter you MUST have a very clear idea of what you want like I need a wardrobe, a dressing table, study table in the bedroom, crockery unit, tv unit, bath unit etc. It is easy to get overwelmed by all that the carpenter recommends and go over budget. So carefully plan what you really need in your home. Do not crowd your home with unnecessary things just because they look good.

  • After that decide how you want the woodwork to be done. Using hard wood like teak, pine or even rubber wood will give the woodwork life but will cost you a lot. So the other option is using plywood. Plywood comes in different brands some are national and some are local made, ask around and different shops have different brands of plywood which they say are the best. You need to make the choice of whether you want a local brand or a national brand.

  • If you have chosen hardwood you can make a lot of designs in your wood, bevelling, carvings could be included in your designs. The finishing is done by using paint and varnish. Whereas if you choose plywood the finishing is done using either veneer or laminates. Venner gives a wood finish to the whole thing, it looks almost like real hardwood. Laminates come in a wide varieties and colors, there are laminates with all kinds of wood finishing, aluminium finishing, different colours.

I have checked various designs on the net and these are a few I really liked...

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