Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jaal - the Kaal triology

Jaal started out great, promising to become the next best seller. The story being the fist of an ambicious triology needed a lot of introduction. The new magical land of this book were explained indetail and the Gods of the land were discussed. Aushij, the lord of maya tried to dominate the other three primal Gods and a war ensues in which the three Gods were successful in imprisoning him in a prison of his own dreams. But they knew he would rise once again so they propheciesed the birth of Devnampriya who would save the world.

The commander of Kozipuram one of the kingdoms of the land assasinated the king and assumed the throne. He belonged to a secret sect of the population who worshipped Aushij and eagerly awaited his arrival. When the queen heard about the death of the  king she suspected the commanders hand in it and fearing for the safty of the unborn child in her womb fled the country and took shelter in an island. She gave birth to a girl.

In another kingdom a blacksmith and the trusted friend of the king makes a magical sword for the prince. Something told him that the king would not live long. As suspected the king was dead so he smuggles the young prince to the ashrams in the borders of the kingdom where he was rised to be a justice seeking vigilanti.

Meanwhile the commander after assuming this throne immediately sent his trusted kinnaras in search of the prophecised Devnaampriya. Accodingly they reached a small village where they knew the Devnaampriya was to be born. They arsoned the village to kill the new born baby but the rishis who were also bent on safeguarding the Devnaampriya were also there. The mother to whome Devnaampriya was to be born gave birth to twins, the rishis managed to rescue the boy, but the girl was taken to the commander where she was brought up in a severe conditions, to host the spirit of Aushij himself. The boy was raised in a remote village by the name of Arihant, in a loving family who took great care of his education. But when trouble came looking for Arihant in the form of a trader who recognised the signs and suspected Arihant to be Devnaampriya the adventure starts....

A nail-biting chases, thrilling fights, innovative magical worlds, politics and intrigue. A book you would want to read... and teluguvaramandi blog

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