Monday, May 8, 2017

World is full of Beautiful things...

Here's a song with beautiful lyrics I loved so much...
I heard it in Etihad Airways Ad and instantly fell in love with it.
People think Music is so important and that music makes the song a hit but to me Lyrics are important too. Lyrics give the song a Character. If you like the lyrics you will love the song too here go to the link in YouTube and enjoy

The world is full of beautiful things
 Butterfly wings, fairy tale kings
 And each new day undoubtedly brings
 Still more beautiful things

The world abounds with many delights
 Magical sights, fanciful flights
 And those who dream on beautiful nights
 Dream of beautiful things

Beautiful days for sunshine lazin'
 Beautiful skies and shores
 Beautiful days when I can gaze
 In beautiful eyes like yours

You wonder why the nightingale sings
 Lovers have wings, people wear rings
 The world is full of beautiful things
 Beautiful people, too
 Beautiful people like you
Beautiful days of sun kissed showers
 Beautiful sea kissed breeze
 Beautiful nights of moon kissed hours
 Beautiful dreams like these
Our lives tick by like pendulum swings
 Delicate things, butterfly wings
 Life is full of beautiful things
 Beautiful people, too
 Beautiful people like you
Like you, just like you, people like you
 Beautiful people like you

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