Sunday, August 3, 2008


The other day I saw in the TV a debate where the people are addressing the government about certain issues, when the topic of eve teasing came about. When the commissioner of police said that women should dress properly and not dress in reveling cloths which would provoke the men to eve teasing, a woman responded by saying that now they want to restraint their dress, and in future they will send us back to home asking them to cook and clean. Let me tell you that I agree with the commissioner that women should dress well. Women mostly is cities are not very conscious of what they wear. Movies are a high influence on the young generation but I think its their attitudes that need a make over. Girls wear revealing cloths thinking that they are following a certain trend or that they are creating a certain trend, they think that they are moving forward. They are the next generation, and older generation will not understand. but is it really so. Does moving forward mean you have to loose your identity. Every women wants to prove that she is equal to man in every respect, but her attair is giving her away. Men are too much distracted by her revealing cloths that they are failing to see who you are. Every girl wants a husband, or boyfriend who understands her, while that is highly impposible if you appear in front of him in a short top and a tight jeans. Did any of you girls notice that, even in movies boys dance with girls in short dress, but when they take them to their parents or if they want to marry someone they find a well mannered girl in saree. what does that mean...... though the guys are interested in seeing a girl in tube top he wants anyone who is related to him quiet decent.

Yes I said decent, because even you know that wearing a jean to a temple is not proper. you drape yourself in a shawl or dupatta. why not hold that attair always. It will earn you the respect of your collegues and friends not just their attention. It will give them a chance to know you. Dress well and be fashionable but always be aware that you need to dust of the glitter before seeing the real you. Women are entering in every profession and are equally brainy, so let us use our brains and decide what we want to be the wrap that we wear or the person you are.

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karthik said...

gud post. i completely agree with you. plz keep posting on these kind of issues.