Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ugly Betty is back.....

Somehow I like the show.

It has all this glitz and glamour

All the fashions and cool actors

and then they have Betty and her world

They have this two different worlds in the same episode

and still it does not look dramatic,

Its fun and entertaining.

Its not like feel sad for the poor and hate the rich sort of thing we usually see

It shows how people suffer in different environments and behave in different situations.

No one is truly right and wrong, its the situation they are in that makes them such.

Mostly I love the confidence in Betty who stands up to people who are, well to be frank quite taller than her in those heels.

All in all Ugly Betty is one funny serial and I recommend you watch it.

A new season is starting on aug 11, on star world, in India

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