Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Magical Rain

It was raining outside and the sun was still shining high above. This is such a rare occasion. Everything around me seemed so beautiful. There are water drops on the leaves and there are droptlets hanging from the railings on my balcony. Everything around seemed wet from the rain and everything seemed to gleam as the sun rays touched them. I counld feel the warmth of the sun on me while the cool breeze nudged the rain to shower me with its flowery rain. Its absolutely magical this feeling, happiness and a sense of well being crept into my heart as I experience this rare and happy occasion. I scanned the skies for I know there will be a rainbow over me somewhere and there it is, peeking from between the puffy white clouds. How could it it not be? it was such a magical day today. It was not a full rainbow but it shyly peeked at me and said hello. I smiled to myself, there are quiet few moments in life when you feel hopeful for no particular reason. Sometimes it seems that everything is so perfect and nothing but good can be the outcome. I know that someday just like today, just when I least expect it something magical and amazing will happen in my life, the sun will smile at me and if I look for it, I will always find my rainbow.

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