Friday, August 11, 2017

Harappa - The curse of the blood river

The author Vineet Bajpai has Story to tell and it's quiet a nail biter. A man in his late 30's claims to be a demigod - half man, half God...!!! Good God!!! Although what he meant by God is a mystery to me. For those who love adventure and a but of fun you can read this book, it has some engaging characters and good action scenes and a dollop of supernatural element going on.
The positive features about the book is it does have a gripping storyline, a captivating love triangle and definitely engrossing characters. There are some aspects in the story like the mystery of the black temple, the new order, about the warrior kartikeya shastri that the author must have deliberately left out to reveal in his next book in the series making reader guessing and eager for more. I myself can't wait for the next book because I love stories especially with a bit of supernatural element in them, and that the author tried a new angle to show that Harappa was the beginning of civilization. The idea I like and would like to explore more of.
Coming to the negative, I find that the author could have used a little more finesse in introducing the characters. when the author starts the story saying that this 30 something hero Vidyut is a sophisticated businessman, successful and unnaturally talented, every time he adds a yaa at the end of the dialog it feels like a school boy trying to impress girls and doing a very bad job at that. They made a great deal about Vidyut meeting His grandfather, that he has to do some preparation to meet the great and powerful soul, even though Vidyut was already doing much, but when Damini arrives she was just sent in without much fuss how come I wonder. If Vidyut was the much awaited Devta, and everyone knew that he was and they waited ages for his return, why did he leave the Matth in the first place, and why has he not come back until now or was he forbidden to come back. The author could have elaborated on this a bit.
All in all a good story to read, may be with an experienced editor it could be a much more...

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