Monday, October 2, 2017

Spyder Movie review

Spyder movie is what l consider an action thriller. There are reviews online that says the movie has not delivered, but I think they are wrong. If you watch the movie expecting a land mark film, one that will be considered a cult classic then you are sure to be disappointed. This movie is not anything like that. What it is, is a purely action movie to entertain the audience and to keep us on the edge of the seat. When you watch the movie and the meaningless way the villain or the killer operates it does remind you of the movie Dark Knight but there ends the comparison to this movie and that. The movie holds a candlemakers of its own. Just when you think the story is going one way the director throws a zinger at your and steers you in a totally different direction.

Though the heroine and the songs are wholly for the benefit of indian audience, who cannot for the love of it, bear to go through a movie in which the hero does not bust a move with his sweetheart, no matter the circumstances. I couldn't see any use of the heroine more than mere glamour in this film, like many movies now-a-days, it's a pity really. What we do see is that the hero is not the only one who commands the whole screen space, it is refreshing to see that others too are capable of doing brave deeds. It is a pleasant relief not to fill every frame with the hero, his dialogues, his antics. I actually commend Murugudas handling a movie where the hero is not all powerful and that he too has his vulnerabilities, speaking of which, I hate it when the villain goes after the hero's family and the hero and teluguvaramandi blog

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